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Main characteristics

All in one platform.

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Automatic reservations

Multiple booking systems to adapt 100% to your operation.


Classes from your APP

Great solutions for difficult times.


Activity Calendar

Give your customers all their information at a glance.


Marketing and communication

Communicate privately or in groups in a very simple and effective way.


Payment notices

Customizes automatic deactivation for non-payment and notifies the customer.


Digital signatures

Create the documents you want for your clients to accept before you start.


Business Overview

Our goal, to speed up your work with an easy and intuitive platform.


Collection and billing

Improve your billing with an orderly, automated and secure system.


Customer control

Always organized, full control in your hands and multiple automated tasks to save management time.


CRM + Prospects

Control your potential customers better to increase your conversion rate.


Programmable tasks

Save time and don't forget your tasks.



Get quick reports to read or organize your business better.


Web Integration

Incorporate your schedules, reservations or forms into your own website.

Our mission is help you

How can we make the profits grow?

Save time by making your job easier and generate more profit.

In-app sales

Make shopping easier for your customers with our app. In a couple of clicks they will be able to renew their vouchers, buy additional classes, etc.

Potential customer management

Processing payments automatically is a good solution to avoid problems and returned receipts.

Retention and loyalty

Organize and control 100% of your gym's sales.

Automated payments

We make the shopping experience simple and safe.

Enhance your image

We help you to project a more professional image with a personalized app at the level of your center


And now you can also manage your entire business from anywhere with your smartphone without leaving your application.

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Online Classes

New times, new solutions

Power your center with our technology.

Take this opportunity to create an online classroom experience for those who want to work from home and grow your profits.

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